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Fronts Lines and Trenches Black T-shirts, with 3 fab DESIGNS..Various sizes available..(Large shown in Photo)

B&C Collection Men's E150 Tee

Brand: B&C Collection

Mainstream contemporary fit 

Tubular construction 

Thin collar rib for modern appearance 

Back necktape for a clean finish 

Tested and approved for all standard printing techniques applicable on cotton 

Also available in Ladies style & sizes 

Fabric 100% pre-shrunk ring-spun Cotton




Fronts Lines and Trenches Black T-shirts

  • I would like to offer my new 'Fronts Lines and Trenches' branded Black T-shirts. ..Please join my FLT's Project & Community and help support the website, continuing research, and Battlefield Companions. 

    Many of the peaceful, green, cropped and ploughed fields we see today on the Western Front were scenes of utter horror, death and destruction. Transformed in to an alien landscape. Today it's very hard to imagine! Although some areas do still bare some of the scars, these Battlegrounds, all different, have their own unique geographiacal and atmospheric imprint, a story to tell and for me its so important to keep this alive, through maps, overlays and aerial photographs of the time. For when we visit and look over these battlefields we have some understanding of the reality, what was there, what happened and walk in our Heroes footsteps. Remembering, honouring and preserving part of our WW1 History. 

    Great quality T-shirts with a fabulous modern printed design. A poignant message…Wear with pride!


    *Worldwide Shipping...

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