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About FLT's

There has never been a more poignant time to visit the Western Front and all it has to offer since the 100 year centenary of the Armistice. For me, preserving the legacy of those whom served, the fallen and the land on which our relatives fought and died is paramount!

We have many wonderful books, museums and social media outlets that uphold this and will continue do so..

Personally I wanted to offer something a little different, a different view. Creating a feel for the land and what it was like all those years ago. Walk the lines, stand where the infamous zig-zag of trenches that once patterned the land, walk in the footsteps of our heroes and those whom sadly never returned.

Front lines, support lines, communication lines, dugouts and  reserve lines, the network of patterns in the land was astonishing and still is! The areas, towns and villages we visit today were turned in to strongholds and fortresses with a mind blowing network of trenches and obscene defences which made the Great War what it was and how we envisage it today.

So pack your bag, feel free to use Fronts, Lines and Trenches and the information we provide. There isn't a more poignant feeling than standing in history of where so many Men fought and lost their lives, with many, many still laying where they fell..THEIR NAME LIVETH FOR EVERMORE. 


I love nothing more than putting together Maps, Overlays & Info for fellow enthusiasts or Individuals looking to trace a relatives footsteps, where they were entrenched, the battles they were apart of, regimental dispositions, attack maps or where they may have sadly fallen. I will do all I can to help and offer what info and maps I can find. Building a Fronts Lines and Trenches Brand and Community is what I would love to achieve, so I'm offering as much as I can to help, with the services and goods offered below, together with providing a Directory of partnering B&B's, Hotels, WW1 attractions, Battlefield Tours and other businesses.

It would be great if Fronts lines and trenches could be one stop portal for anybody looking to visit the Western Front. 

Fronts lines and Trenches Beaumont Hamel


A5 Perfect bound Battlefield Companion booklets, PROJECT BEAUMONT HAMEL, Bullecourt and Pozieres! Maps, overlays, photos and more...!

Currently DOWNLOAD only



FRONTS LINES AND TRENCHES Polo T-shirts and other merchandise.

British troops e.jpg


Original WW1 photographs uniquely artified, reprinted and presented in beautiful frames ©PaulHumphriss.

A perfect gift. 


Personal Digger

Memorial Plaques

A beautifully printed, Framed 'Digger' Memorial to your Fallen Family Member.

A 3D inscription on Portland Stone together with photos of an original 'Rising Sun' Cap badge and the 'Diggers' Battalion Insignia colours. 

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