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Finally,  after 3 Years in the making, a one-off unique guide that is unlike any other covering a WW1 topic, as far as I know. Especially Fromelles! Covering both the British and Australian Brigades.

The Photographs have not just been randomly thrown on to pages. The formatting has been carefully constructed to coincide/correspond with the events of the battle and whom were involved. Although in pictures, there is plenty of reading, a lot of reading! Brigade and Battalion diaries, operation orders, official accounts, personal accounts, Red Cross reports and much more!

Maps, overlays and period photos accompany the information. 

The quality of the book is fantastic, its A4 with 268 heavier than normal GSM pages, which they need to be due to the photographic content, thus contributing to higher costs.

The one downside is that you may need a magnifying glass for a couple of the articles, if your eyesight is not up to scratch, like mine. But I hope that will add to the reading experience.

I have designed, created and formatted everything, produced the final printed artwork and will be initiating the print runs, packaging and postage.

It’s certainly not a profit making exercise! It’s a love and passion as I’m sure most of you will relate with. THANK YOU!

Fronts Lines and Trenches *New Battlefield Companion, FROMELLES...

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