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A beautifully printed, Framed 'Digger' Memorial to your Fallen Family Member.

A 3D inscription on Portland Stone together with photos of an original 'Rising Sun' Cap badge and the 'Diggers' Battalion Insignia colours. 

Once you have placed your order, please just email the Soldiers photograph (if you have one) and inscription details to will respond with a confirmation and send you a proof prior to printing and manufacture. 

A Framed Photo Print gives a real gallery-worthy visual effect with the oblique cut of the passe-partout and real museum card-stock around your image, covered with a polished sheet of acrylic glass.

Passe-Partout for a True Gallery-Like Excellence

Museum-quality card-stock with an oblique cut

Comes with a polished acrylic glass cover

Beautiful frame for a gallery-like appearance

State-of-the-art photo reproduction

Matt Black passe-partout frame (Your gallery framed photo comes with a high-quality solid frame)

Passe-Partout with Oblique Finishing

Each passe-partout is made from high-quality white museum card-stock. The oblique cut of each passe-partout is particularly outstanding, giving the picture depth and drawing the viewer’s eye. A popular backing for artwork in many galleries around the world, passe-partout is a superb way to display the pictures.

Highest-Quality Sharply DetailedPhoto Print

Discover details you’ve never seen before. Your picture will be digitally printed in razor-sharp resolution and brilliant colours, resulting in a print of stunning quality. Paired with exquisite composition and our high-quality wooden framing, your digitally reproduced picture will look like a ready-made gallery article!

A reinvigorating piece with stunning resolution and vivid tones!

​Delivered And Ready To Hang

Printed, framed and delivered, your picture is ready to hang up the minute you take it out of its packaging. Every frame is made by hand and covered with a crystal-clear acrylic glass pane.

Your picture is then dispatched to you under the trusted care of an insured logistics company. Due to the current worldwide situation we will get your new framed picture to you as fast as the world will allow at present!

Personal Framed 'Digger' Memorial

  • WW1 'Digger' Memorial especially printed and made for you!!.

    Condition is New.

    A Beautiful but very Poignant Memorial piece for your Home! A fantastic addition to any decor, be it Living Room, Hallway, Study or Office..

    A superb, unique personal picture that would make a warming family gift. 

    Please look at our other individual listings for our other series of WW1 Framed Digital Artwork. 

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